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Yotta Game: Mafia City H5 did not earn an 80 on Metacritic

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  • Yotta Game: Mafia City H5 did not earn an 80 on Metacritic

    You're trying to roll out changes that you can only test so much internally, on local servers. Gangster Games Online,There's big risks, and you see that when servers go down; it's because of this huge growth, and that the platform we built we just didn't imagine would be hitting these numbers.

    You mentioned in your talk that you were popular in quite a few places: Europe, North America, Korea, even Japan. Very few games manage to get an audience in so many places without local partners, or some kind of marketing push. Have you done any of that?

    BG: Today, it's all organic really. We've worked with content creators and influencers in various regions for sure, but the vast majority of sales have been driven just by people seeing the game and wanting to play. Bluehole has data scientists analysing this stuff on a daily basis, trying to figure out why it's so popular.

    PUBG isn't the first game to break out and become successful, but it's hard to recall anything that has grown so big, so fast. Even Ark: Survival Evolved took its time getting to 8 million units sold, for example, so is this just a perfect storm? Early Access maturing to the right point, streaming and Twitch maturing to the right point, and it all just coming together at the right moment?
    BG: I think so. I owe a lot of my success to Lirik on Twitch, and the fact that he played my game pretty consistently for about three years. He might take a few months off, but he'd always come back and play... That's how I got my chance with H1Z1, and now Battlegrounds.

    "I knew nobody in the industry, and I knew very little about the tech. It gave me the freedom to just do whatever I thought would work"

    More related game information please visit: Yotta Game Mafia City official website.

    In addition, the Taiwan Chinese Traditional version of the game (黑道風雲) also has been launched.

    Author: SmallSheepDudugo

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