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Immigration at BigLaw?

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  • Immigration at BigLaw?


    So, I was a paralegal at a very large immigration firm before LS (the only such firm), and I really want to practice in that area. I'd love to either go back to that firm as an attorney or clerk for the immigration courts after grad. However, that firm does not do OCI in my Southern California city. I am transferring to a school that will have all of the BigLaw firms at OCI, and I am finding it very difficult not to make bids (the "what if i turn down this opportunity and can't find anything in the public sector and I`m screwed" syndrome). However, I am not interested in most of the practice areas at these firms. I could handle the hours if I was doing something I love, like immigration.Do any of these firms have a business immigration practice within them? Anyone know of any large companies that have in-house immigration attorneys I can reach out to?

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