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  • BPS Trap or Hunter: Help


    I am in the market for my first shotgun. I have landed on the BPS and trying to decide between the Hunter or the Trap model. I would say the majority of the shooting I will be doing is with buddies, using launchers. But do plan on trying my hand at an actual trap center. I have no real interest in hunting, although my family does, so there is "potential" I'll end up in a duck blind. I know there is no one gun for all duties. How important is having the 3" chamber on the Hunter? Could I hunt just has well with the trap model using 2and 3/4. Is the 30" barrel on the Trap to long for hunting? Is the Trap gun to specialized for my first gun, and I should just the well rounded Hunter, try different types of shooting then specialize. If you are confused now, imagine how I'm feeling?

    Please help

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