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To shoot (sparrows) or not to shoot? That is the question...

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  • To shoot (sparrows) or not to shoot? That is the question...


    I have heard that if you shoot around a PM colony they will leave it sooner or later and not return. I am shooting a pellet gun (Pump Master 760) trying my very best to keep the sparrows out of my gourds but, sometimes (most times) I miss. I have 8 PM now and I am picking up visitors every day or two. I also have two very elusive male sparrows and I can not seem to kill them (or even get a shot on them). Things have gotten serious (green leaves in three gourds) and I just purchased a Hammerli 850 Airmagnum. Something is about to give! I DO NOT WANT TO SCARE OFF A LAYING, NESTING, ROOSTING OR VISITING PM!!! Should I wait and let the sparrows lay and try a glue trap or should I take the shot?

    Please help

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