With his loved ones around him, Ovechikin was in a good mood. He quietly watched his teammates one by one, his relatives and friends, and took pictures with the Stanley Trophy. Seeing his old partner, the history of the Washington Capitals assisted King Bakstrom, working long-swing together to NHL 18 Coins develop a fighting spirit and a high degree of understanding, allowing the two to smile and then doing a set of only two In the celebration of the individual, the reporters at the scene saw this scene and issued a smile.

After a good season of work, he finally waited for the finale of the song. In selfishness, in order to take this classic moment as his own, many reporters asked Ovechikin for a photo request. The once obscure Ogilvy was also infected with the joyful atmosphere of the scene. The inner ice has already melted. He escaped the media and traced him throughout his character. At this time, he became a good gentleman. No one refused, leaving a bright smile to the camera. For a group of photographers who can get a photo, it is also an extremely memorable experience to be able to take a photo with Oviechi's priceless treasure at the moment.