Despite veterans in the offseason, the Penguins brought forward center Derek Brassard from the Ottawa Senate before the offseason. The veteran player is known to contribute stably to the postseason. Having played in 78 playoff games, he has contributed 22 goals and 55 points for the team. It is reported that this is the center who has been exempted from injury due to injury in the last month and has already started the joint training with the team. He hopes to NHL Coins appear in the first round of the match between the Hefei and the team.

For the Penguins, the most precious asset is Marc Sullivan and Marshal Sullivan. Last season's Stanley Cup final, Sullivan and Marauder's coach Raviolette's duel was a classic. Columnist Jung-Cook believes that coach Sullivan is the greatest coach in Pittsburgh history, and he firmly believes that this is a magic trick that will allow the Penguins to reborn in the playoffs and laugh.