Let’s get performance out of the way first. In docked mode, Rocket League is 720p at 60 frames per second. That’s lower than the 1080p60 players on Xbox One and PS4 get, but it also looks totally acceptable. Handheld mode is where things get interesting, though.“Generally speaking it hovers around 576p,” Psyonix wrote in a comment on Reddit. “Post-launch we plan to continue working on optimizing the game.”

576p is not HD, and you’ll definitely notice that when you load into matches. The vehicles and the stadiums look like a really good original Xbox game. But Psyonix and developer Panic Button, which handles the port to the Switch, made these sacrifices to Rocket League Items ensure Rocket League would run at 60 frames per second in handheld.

And you know what? Once the match starts, you don’t think about the resolution anymore. A big reason for this is that the screen is tiny. 576 lines of horizontal resolution across a 6.2-inch screen is still a relatively dense number of pixels-per-inch. The Vita and the Wii U screens both didn’t run at 720p, and they always looked sharp.