R6 Credits French video game publisher Ubisoft has decided to modify its game Rainbow Six Siege to avoid being censored in China. He plans to apply these changes to the version intended for players around the world causing their anger.

No more bloodstains on the walls. Exit the bandits penguins in bars. Hide these feminine silhouettes with suggestive shapes that the Chinese can not see. The French video game publisher Ubisoft announced Saturday November 3 some changes "cosmetic" on Rainbow Six Siege one of its flagship titles for its planned release before the end of the year in the Chinese market. Modifications motivated by the desire to please Chinese censors but intended to apply to all players whether in Beijing or Paris.

In the press release detailing the upcoming changes Ubisoft is reassuring that the mechanisms that "make the identity" of the product will not be affected. Rainbow Six Siege is a shooting game where two teams compete one as hostage takers and the other a police intervention group.

When it was released in 2015 Ubisoft probably did not have the mind to conquer the 560 million Chinese players. Otherwise the French publisher would not have truffle his game of graphic details like masks in the shape of skull advertising neon representing strippers or slot machines.

China has in fact established in 2010 a list of rules to follow in order to avoid censorship. Video games must not "violate the Chinese constitution" buy Rainbow Six Siege Credits "endanger the territorial integrity of China" "promote gambling or superstitions" "undermine the country's reputation" "incite racial hatred obscenity or violence "," insulting Chinese traditions "or" breaking any other rule of law "

Ubisoft breaks with the principle of "one game two versions" that was used until now to access the Chinese market while preserving the integrity of the original work. All players will now have to evolve in the same remodeled universe to please Beijing. This is where the rub is for the fan community. They have violently criticized this choice on the Internet in recent days accusing the French publisher of exporting Chinese censorship. "I'm far from happy to learn that the rules of an authoritarian regime will affect my hobby. These changes should only be applied to those who have no choice but to abide by them "wrote a user of the Reddit community site.

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