No matter when, I will remember this thing, because it makes me understand that no matter what I do in the future, I can't be sloppy, and I won't regret it.exam for the first unit was in my hands and I took a glance at it. It was so simple. Th test paper was done very quickly Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. I looked at the watch and it was 20 minutes away from class Marlboro Cigarettes. Hey, this time I am the first one! I walked confidently toward the podium with the test papers. The students cast a horrified look at me, as if to say, "Wow! She is amazing! Awesome!" I watched the students in the draft again and again. Checking, I did not agree with a mutter: "Cut! False positive!"t day Cigarettes Cheaper, the teacher took a stack of papers and regretted to say to everyone: "This overall test is not bad, but there are several students who are too sloppy when doing the problem." Oh, which Ma Daha is so Do not live up to expectations!t papers were sent out one by one. "Lily 100 points, the highest score, everyone praised him!" The teacher's voice gradually lowered. "This classmate is too pity. XX, 69 points." I am tough The legs are moving, the face is hot and hot, and the tears are spinning in the eyes. Looking at the test paper full of red forks, I was very upset. "After school, I will see the office." The teacher whispered in my ear. Undoubtedly, I will definitely slap me a meal, and I am ready to be mentally prepared.ool, I came to the office. The teacher sat kindly in the chair and said to me: "The sloppy is a taboo for learning, quit it! All that is said, go home!"little thing gives me the revelation that it is not sloppy!There are actually many beautiful touches around us. The cleaners have already got up and work when we are still asleep Marlboro Lights. They are working hard for the image of our city. Isn't that a beauty? On the sidewalk, I saw a rubbish pick up and throw it into the trash. Isn��t that a beauty? It is not a beauty to give a seat to the elderly on the bus. What I want to say today is what gives the seat on the bus.year, I took the No. 4 bus to the art class and on the road. I came up with a grandfather who was over half a hundred years old. She had a dish and a fish in her hand Marlboro Gold. It seemed to go to see her son, not to mention it for a while. Her sweat on her forehead and her face were flushed. I wanted to stand up and let him make a seat, but I didn't get up. I think it is still far from the school. I stood up and what do I do? But I am very pitiful grandfather, when I am hesitating, a child who seems to be in the 4th grade stands up, my heart is very uncomfortable, I am not as good as myself, the sixth grade students are actually not as good as a fourth grade Little brother, however, I have a thumbs up for the primary school student in my heart.teacher call us when I was in the first grade for the elderly on the bus? But now we have forgotten this morality. It��s awkward. Beauty, the word seems to everyone understand the meaning, but not only on the surface.