too many toys, not too many dresses, and not much love. However, even so, I am still very happy. Because of my mother's education, I will cook my own eggs when I am 2 years old. I will wear my own underwear when I am 3 or 4 years old. I will wipe the table, wipe the floor and sweep the floor when I am 5 or 6 years old Marlboro Menthol 100S. I was in elementary school, when I was in the first grade, I was the top 3 in the class. This state lasted until the 4th grade and changed.e fourth grade, my grades are ups and downs. The top ten, for me, is still a piece of cake, I don't care too much. I think that if you work hard, there is nothing you can't do, and my achievements will definitely go back. In this way, my final exam was as good as I expected. And in the top five. However, by the fifth grade I have changed. Everything has changed. this semester, I began to be uncomfortable with my family Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online. Instead, I resisted. I learned to skip classes, learned to fight with my classmates, and learned to compare. This state, let me pass the first time without passing the exam. When I got the test paper, my hand was shaking, I don't believe I could get such a low score. I can't find a reason, I am desperate. Maybe I am strong, despair is just an excuse.he sixth grade, I handed in a few "good" friends who were out of school in junior high school. I have to admit that they are really good, they can always find them when I am sad, but because of this, my mind has undergone major changes Marlboro Gold. For the first time, I actually said in my sixth grade of last semester that I loved my mother from childhood to big love. "Mom, I look down on you." When this sentence came out, I walked out. The door. I was surprised, what made me like this, I know, my situation now is the rebellious period in the mouth of the adults. I want to change, but I am getting worse.tarted to fight with some men and women, I learned to smoke and drink. Unexpectedly, a sixth grade student has become like this.exam for the sixth grade was coming. I was forced to take the exam because I copied the classmates. But the teacher no longer likes me. There are a few left behind with my classmates. This time, because of my mother, I am broken, because of my mother, I have changed. Because of my mother, I finally time, I asked the old man for a vacation. The reason was very simple. I was sick. The mother who was originally outside rushed back home and hurriedly opened the door, but saw me lying on the sofa. She rushed to me: "The teacher said that you are on leave, I am sick, how can I do it? Can I take care of myself?" When I touched my forehead Marlboro Red 100S, I opened her hand: "What is sick? Why Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, come back to see me? Haha." I don't know, this day is Mother's Day. "Hey!" A loud slap in the face, then I wanted to shout, I didn't expect another cup of water, poured on my face. At that moment, I understood the importance of my life to my mother. I saw the tears of my mother. I am not a filial for a moment. "Thank you for taking the shower." This is the only thing I can say. I am in class. No longer fight with "friends" and smoke. I know that I went astray, and I started to study hard again.e only thing I am sorry about is my family. My mother��s birthday is here. I sent her a bracelet she has made for her. I know it may be a little childish, but my mother smiled so happy that day. I went back to the room that night, I remember I cried, so sad. It turned out that I lived up to so many emester, I learned to cherish her love. my mom. A unique mother. I thank you