When pressed, Prior stopped in short supply of confirming cross-platform play would visit FIFA sooner, but offered a glimmer of Cheap FIFA 19 Coins and hope.

"It's something we're conscious of," he stated. "I'm not coming to a promises. But you've seen that [cross-platform play] happen with the first time very recently. If you'd mentioned that several years ago I'd probably have said, 'it is not going to happen. We'll monitor to see.' I think it would be described as a net benefit towards the users.

On the right note, as someone who invests a great deal of time into FUT with each new iteration of FIFA, I'd adoration for some type of cross-platform account support. Being able to learn FUT for the Nintendo Switch version of FIFA 19 Coins going into work then, utilizing the same account, dip in on PC during lunchtime before carrying on on console in your own home would certainly be a fantastic approach to play.